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Download SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder !!!

Manoj sai | 8:01 PM | 0 comments

Record audio playing through your computer in pure digital
SoundTap is a streaming audio capture program which will convert any audio playing through your computer to mp3 or wav files. Streaming audio is recorded by a special kernel driver so the process is perfect digital quality.

Streaming Audio Recorder Applications
  • Record your internet radio station webcasts. Radio stations are required to log and archive all broadcasts under FCC regulations.
  • Save your streaming audio broadcasts. eg. If you are using BroadWave to broadcast your band, SoundTap can record and archive the broadcasts.
  • Convert your recordings in old or uncommon formats to wav or mp3. eg. if you have a voice recording in ds2 format you can convert this to mp3 using SoundTap and the existing ds2 player.
  • Record streaming audio conferences. eg. SoundTap works perfectly to record conferences hosted with our Quorum Conference Server.
Record VoIP phone calls on softphones (eg. Skype or Express Talk). In a call center this is often required for legal or quality assurance reasons. 
Record audio played on your computer 

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